Is now serious about digging deep into her history while the last known Inuit Elders are still around in her time.
She knows there is not much time left to gather truthful experiences that have not been heard yet.
On a treasure hunt to find that valuable stone and see the spectrum in the Inuit Elders of Arviat, then and now.

Reading through historical documents; Eskimo Point

This afternoon (Aug 13, 2010) the team spent their day in April’s office reading over historical documents of Eskimo Point.

The files go back to like 1940’s and on. There are so much more but these are the ones we started off with today.

I read on developments of Eskimo Point.

Below is a short list of what it was like in 1977.

Welfare:  Single $63.00 / month

             Family of 4  $215.00 / month

             Family of 8  $352.00

             Clothing  $15.00 / month

Source of cash were:   Family Allowance, CPP, UIC, Welfare.

The welfare cheques were issued to Hudson’s Bay Company or Co-op.

Population:  October 1976

                                                Inuit                    White

1 yr. old                                      41                        2

PreSchool                                    115                      5

School Age                                  210                      5

Adult                                          431                      40

60 yr. old                                     25                       0

Total                                                      822                      52

  • 13 August 2010
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