Is now serious about digging deep into her history while the last known Inuit Elders are still around in her time.
She knows there is not much time left to gather truthful experiences that have not been heard yet.
On a treasure hunt to find that valuable stone and see the spectrum in the Inuit Elders of Arviat, then and now.

Eskimo Point and the Work of the School

File # Rg-85 Vol 1951    #A-1000 / 153

1959-1960, Eskimo Point consisted of approximately 26 families who made their homes. 25 Students were sent to school.

The following were employed.

Aliktilloo; HBC Servant

Jimmy Gibbons; Special Constable, RCMP

Johnny Karetak; Special Constable, RCMP

Suluk; Predator Control

Donald Uluadluk; School Caretaker, attending course at Barriefield

Arnatkoak; Ungmak, Substitute Caretaker in Donald’s absence

White population included:

Principal; Maurice P. Walsh

Cst in Charge; R.Ward and Mrs. Ward + 2 small children,  Len O’Halloren

H.B.C.; Bert and Mrs. Swaffield

RC Mission; Rev. Lionel Ducharme & Rev Rogatien Papion

Anglican Mission; Rev. John & Mrs. Marlow

Numont Mining; Erick Carlson, watchman on mechanical installations for school

  • Good supply of caribou
  • Fox trapping
  • Shortage of lemmings
  • Fishing
  • No industry, needs wage economy
  • Cutting & hauling ice for wages by tractor

Community and the School

People will continue to live inland in late August where hunting and trapping are more rewarding. This means 50 % will miss school.

Most children are now enrolled in Chesterfield Inlet School.  Homes are considered unsuitable.

Services on improving nutrition and health. Mrs. Swaffield a Registered Nurse, aimed at youngsters with a good diet, nourished and prepared.

  • Oatmeals
  • Biscuits
  • Cocoa
  • Soup
  • Baked beans
  • Vitamins

English language was taught. Police had an interpreter.

Health & Cleanliness

Mrs. Swaffield was cooperating to school first day of the month to examine children.

  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Teeth
  • Throat
  • Hair
  • Weighing
  • Measuring


  • Hands
  • Faces
  • Necks
  • Teeth

They were low on tooth powder so were going to switch to salt and soda. At Christmas obtained some terry towels and made wash cloths that were hemmed by girls in their sewing classes with Mrs. Lewis. Disc numbers were stiched to them.  Combs were then supplied for everyone. Mirrors were placed in the washrooms.

Water Supply

For plenty of clean, fresh water, had to go half a mile for it. In winter, they had to haul it from a nearby lake. Dipped by pailfuls and hitched and carried for a quarter mile.

Cst. Ward asks for a creek that would be adequate flowing water supply. This allows D-4 Cat to open channels.

Two possible developments:

  1. Water supply for installations, RCMP, Bay, bring water 100 yards.
  2. Placing the channel beyond the ridge

Community Needs

  1. Improved Water Supply
  2. Appointment of NSO
  3. Possibility of Nursing Centre for Eskimo Point

Estimate Materials (1961-62)

  1. Bath House & Laundry
  2. Walk In Freezer
  3. Community Hall
  4. Equipment - D4 Cat
  5. New Personnel (radio, administration)
  6. Hostels
  7. Classrooms
  8. Industrial Art Shop
  9. Homemaking Centre
  10. Alterations to existing houses
  11. Housing for staff
  12. Additional Staff
  13. Equipment (piano, Jr. trampoline)

M.P. Walsh, Community Principal Eskimo Point, N.W.T.   March 31, 1960   NW:

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